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aFRR billing model

Consultation of the new SRL settlement model

The transmission system operators have developed a proposal for the further development of the SRL settlement with the aim of taking into account the changes on the balancing power market, in particular the price, cost and system structure of the supplier pools. The main changes compared to the previous model are the introduction of acceptance and tolerance bands for the provision of secondary balancing power and a second-based allocation of the power provided to the respective underlying bids. With the publication of the description of the SRL billing model, the pre-consultation has started.

This pre-consultation is explicitly not a formal consultation in the sense of the European Regulation (GL EB), but is rather intended to enable all stakeholders to discuss the contents initially in an informal setting. Following this pre-consultation, the TSOs are expected to conduct a formal consultation in April 2018, which will include other topics in addition to the SRL settlement model.

Of course, comments and proposed changes from both consultations will be carefully reviewed, evaluated and considered as part of the formal application process.

Please direct your questions or comments about the documents, as well as the consultation process, to the P.O. Box at aFRR-SRL-abrechnung@regelleistung.net.

Your participation in both phases of the consultation makes a valuable contribution to the proper further development of SRL billing! Finally, the TSOs would like to point out that all submitted comments on the consultation documents will be published on the website regelleistung.net.