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Cross-border procurement of secondary balancing power between Germany and Austria - Consultation (request for comments) - Five transmission system operators (TSOs) seek stakeholder feedback

Within the framework of the secondary balancing power cooperation between Germany and Austria, a stakeholder consultation on the design of a cross-border exchange and procurement of secondary balancing power (SRL) is carried out in accordance with Article 33 (1) in conjunction with Article 10 of the Guideline on Electricity Balancing (EBGL). In addition, an exemption from allowing cross-border transfer of control reserve between SRL providers under Article 34 (1) of the EBGL is requested in this context. This transfer shall continue to take place in the respective control areas.

The cross-border procurement is to start at the same time as the introduction of capacity allocation at the border between Germany and Austria, on October 1, 2018.

The introduction of cross-border exchange and procurement of SRL aims at procuring SRL as efficiently as possible and thereby further intensifying the already existing control reserve cooperation between Germany and Austria. A corresponding cooperation for cross-border exchange and procurement of SRL would be unique in continental Europe and represents a pilot project with regard to the recently enacted EBGL.

The consulting TSOs are aware that stakeholder feedback is a critical factor in creating a well-functioning market design.
The long-term capacities at the German-Austrian border of at least 4.9 GW according to the press release of the regulators Bundesnetzagentur and E-Control of May 15, 2017 shall in principle be available for the allocation of long-term capacities.

With this consultation, market participants have the opportunity to comment on the possible reservation of up to 280 MW for control reserve exchange within the 4.9 GW and to comment on the proposed procedure for the possible reservation of long-term capacity for control reserve exchange.

You can download the proposal in the box to the right. To submit your feedback, please use the response form also located in the box to the right. Please complete and return it by email by April 15, 2018 to: