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Standard output values

Consultation on the further development of the determination of actual control reserve values

The transmission system operators (TSOs) are seeking to further develop the specifications for determining actual control reserve values. The aim of this further development is to determine the actual control reserve values as appropriately as possible, especially in the case of simultaneous marketing of several control reserve types. In addition, the TSOs are striving for a uniform solution that enables the marketing of different control reserve types from one TE by several suppliers.

The German TSOs have prepared a proposal for the specifications, which will be consulted with the market. Due to the complexity of the issue and in order to get an assessment regarding the feasibility of the specifications, the TSOs would like to conduct a pre-consultation. Subsequently, after evaluating the feedback, a consultation may be held to meet the requirements of the Guideline on Electricity Balancing.

The pre-consultation will last from 01.03.2018 to 30.04.2018. Furthermore, a workshop with market participants will be held in early April. You will receive more information on this in the coming days.
If you have other suggestions for solutions to partial aspects of the TSO's proposal, please let us know via the web form as well. You are also welcome to send us your own proposal for the determination of the actual value of the control reserve in a separate document via the following e-mail address: regelleistungsistwerte-konsultation@regelleistung.net. All submitted comments on the consultation documents will be published on the regelleistung.net website.

It should be noted that the determination of standard benefit actual values and aFRR billing are two related but distinct issues. The actual aFRR value is determined as part of the determination of the actual control reserve value, which is subsequently used in the aFRR settlement.
The TSOs hope for active participation in both phases of the consultation and look forward to the discussion. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the TSOs at the above mentioned mail address.