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SO GL Ramp Restrictions

Consultation - Ramp restrictions on active power delivery under Article 137(3) SOGL

On September 14, 2017, EU Regulation 2017/1485, also known as the System Operation Guideline (SOGL), entered into force. According to Article 6(3)(e) of the SOGL, the transmission system operators (TSOs) of an LFR block must submit the following methodologies to the relevant regulatory authorities for approval:

  • Ramp constraints on active power output under Article 137(3) (gradient constraints for HVDCs) and Article 137(4) (gradient constraints for generation and consumption units).
  • Coordination measures to reduce FRCE pursuant to Article 152(14).
  • Measures to reduce FRCE by requesting changes to the active power generation or consumption of generation facilities and consumption facilities pursuant to Article 152(16)
  • Maßnahmen zur Verringerung des FRCE durch Aufforderung, die Wirkleistungserzeugung oder -aufnahme von Stromerzeugungsanlagen und Verbrauchsanlagen gemäß Artikel 152 Absatz 16 zu ändern
  • FRR sizing rules pursuant to Article 157(1).

According to Article 11, these proposals must be subject to public consultation, with a minimum consultation period of one month.

The German TSOs together with the Luxembourg TSO CREOS and with the network area of the Danish TSO Energinet.dk, which is synchronously connected to continental Europe, form a common control block. These TSOs are therefore required to jointly consult on the above proposals and submit them to the relevant regulatory authorities for approval.

With this consultation, market participants have the opportunity to comment on the proposal on ramp limits for active power output under Article 137(3) for HVDCs:

  • The proposed gradients are consistent with the status quo and therefore must be formally requested under the SOGL.
  • The TSOs do not make use of the right to request ramp restrictions for generation and consumption facilities under Article 137(4) as enshrined in the SOGL. The corresponding consultation is therefore not required.

The consultation will start on 31/07/2018 and end on 31/08/2018.

Please submit your comments using the Excel template via email to dimensionierung@regelleistung.net.