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Modalities for control reserve providers (Jan/Feb 2018 results)

Consultation on modalities for control reserve providers

 Within the framework of the Guideline on Electricity Balancing (EBGL) according to Art. 10, the German transmission system operators conduct a public consultation of the modalities for control reserve providers according to Art. 18.1 (a). The consultation starts on 13.04.2018 at 12:00 and ends on 13.05.2018 at 12:00. In addition, a workshop with market participants is planned on 23.04.2018 in Nuremberg.

With this consultation, market participants have the opportunity to comment on a wide range of content. The consultation covers the modalities for FCR Controlled Reserve Providers, aFRR Controlled Reserve Providers and mFRR Controlled Reserve Providers according to Art. 18.1 (a) EBGL. Furthermore, the consultation documents include the exemption from publication to non-tendered bids according to Art. 12.4 EBGL, the exemption from further reserve obligations mFRR according to Art. 34.1 EBGL and the introduction of the rule labor market. The topics aFRR settlement model and PQ conditions have already been presented to the market in the pre-consultations of the German TSOs and are now also part of this consultation.

Of course, comments and proposed changes will be carefully reviewed, evaluated and taken into account in the formal application process. The TSOs hope for a lively participation in the consultation and look forward to the discussion.

We ask for your comments on the documents up to and including 13.05.2018 and cordially invite you to the workshop on 23.04.18 in Nuremberg.

Please address your questions or comments on the documents as well as on the consultation process to the P.O. Box modalitaeten@regelleistung.net.

Finally, the TSOs point out that all submitted comments on the consultation documents will be published on the website regelleistung.net.