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Disruptable loads

Disruptable loads

According to Section 13 (1) EnWG, the German transmission system operators with control area responsibility (TSOs) must ensure the safety and reliability of the electricity supply system in their control areas and are authorized to conclude contracts with providers of disconnectable loads for this purpose in accordance with Section 13 (6) EnWG. 

The use of disconnectable loads serves to directly stabilize the system frequency and is activated in the event of an underfrequency of 49.7 Hz. The use of disconnectable loads as a substitute for automatically or manually activated control energy, as well as within the scope of redispatch, is not intended.

The activation of the disconnectable loads can be either automatic by a frequency relay or manual by a decision of the transmission system operator. In the case of automatic activation, power shall be provided within one second of activation. Manual activation shall be by an electronic polling signal or by telephone request. Automatic underfrequency disconnection is carried out as a supplementary measure to the European frequency targets with control reserve deployment and upstream of underfrequency-dependent load shedding (UFLA) as part of the ten-stage plan in accordance with the system protection plan.

The bid compensation in the invitation to tender (award price) is based exclusively on a performance price. Thus, the bid price includes the compensation for the provision and the work performed. Prequalification as a provider of disconnectable loads is required to participate in the tender.

Overview of the relevant current framework conditions

Submitting a bidGate-Opening-Time: 11:00 o'clock, D-7

Gate-Closure-Time: 14:00 o'clock, D-1
Minimum bid size5 MW
Core shareCore shares and limiting capacities are defined for the individual LFC blocks
Service provision< 1s
Criteria for the award1) Bid price

2) Lot
Product length1 Day
Quantity written outusually < 750 MW
Break times4 hours directly after end of call
Individual call duration>= 1 h
Minimum call-off duration of a single call-off15 minutes/ 1 hour (depending on the offered retrieval time)
Retrieval durationMinute sharp
Accepted unavailabilities4 quarters