Primary control reserve in the Netherlands


On April 23rd 2013 the Dutch regulator (Autoriteit Consument en Markt (ACM)) agreed a proposed change in the system code related to the procurement of primary reserve. The change will come into effect on January 13th 2014. Details on the change and the decision of ACM are to be found on the website of ACM (


The change stipulates that TenneT B.V. has to procure the primary reserves in a market based manner. Practically it is decided to join the existing German internet platform where already a weekly auction of primary reserves is executed. A varying share of the total demand is procured by a common auction with the German, Austrian and Swiss TSOs, the remaining demand is procured by a separate Dutch auction (PRL_NL).


Available information from meetings, presentations subscribing manuals, templates of agreements and a frequently asked questions (FAQ) document can be downloaded from The FAQ document will be updated whenever it is needed.

Framework agreement

In order to participate in the weekly auction of primary reserve the supplier must have a framework agreement with TenneT Netherlands.


Each production unit that will be used by a supplier for delivering primary reserve must be prequalified. The prequalification rules (including an overview of the needed information) can be downloaded.


All the questions regarding primary reserve can be sent to the e-mail address:

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