Interruptible loads

Information on interruptible loads

Product type Number of framework agreements Total capacity of all PTUs [MW]
SOL 3 555
SNL 16 1500

In principle, it is possible to prequalify installations as quickly interruptible loads (SNL) if they have already been prequalified as immediately interruptible loads (SOL). In this case, the prequalified technical unit (PTU) is listed both as SOL and as SNL, along with its capacity. However, that unit is only entitled to a single surcharge for one of both products within a single week.

Ordered values of interruptible loads

Joint call for tenders for interruptible loads

With the Ordinance on Interruptible Load Agreements (AbLaV) the regulatory framework for the contractual obligation of interruptible loads has been adapted to the developments of the German energy market. The requirements on interruptible loads have been modified so that loads from 5 MW with predictable load characteristics can be prequalified as interruptible loads in accordance with the AbLaV so that they can be obliged to take measures to maintain grid and system security.

For the purpose of AbLaV, interruptible loads are defined as consumption units which can reliably reduce their demand for a fixed capacity upon request by the German transmission system operators (TSO). Suppliers have the possibility to submit a tender individually in accordance to the technical characteristics of their loads. Due to modified prequalification requirements and the weekly tendering period the product of interruptible loads is designed more flexibly.

In accordance with AbLaV, the TSOs issue a call for tenders each week for 750 MW of immediately interruptible loads (SOL) and an equal volume of quickly interruptible loads (SNL) through the TSOs' joint tendering platform: The Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur) is authorised to adjust the amount of tendering volume based on periodic demand analysis by the transmission system operators if necessary.

To participate in a tendering procedure, each provider that has switch-off capacity at its disposal and seeks to offer it on the market needs to successfully participate in the prequalification procedure of the TSO it is connected to. This is a prerequisite for the framework agreement with the relevant connecting TSO.

Below you can find an overview of the relevant framework conditions for the tendering procedure of interruptible loads:

  • Tendering period: weekly
  • Products: immediately interruptible loads (SOL) and quickly interruptible loads (SNL)
  • Tendering volumes: 750 MW of SOL and SNL each
  • Offer size: minimum tender quantity = 5 MW and maximum tender quantity = 200 MW
  • Tendering dates: according to the tendering calendar
  • Offer options: duration of switch-off whereby minimum one and maximum 32 quarter-hour must be indicated
  • Activation:
    • SOL: automatically frequency-controlled within 350 milliseconds when the level drops below a predefined grid frequency and remotely controlled without delay by the transmission system operator
    • SNL: remotely controlled within 15 minutes by the transmission system operator

The calls for tenders, anonymous tendering results as well as the publications regulated in the framework agreement and in the AbLaV are published on the freely accessible part of the Internet platform.

The operational communicaton between TSO and supplier will be further on based on the existing electronic communication procedure. For this the load management server (LaMaS) and the provider client ‘ALadIn’ were adjusted on the amendment of the AbLaV. The provider client ‘ALadIn’ will be further on provided free of charge. Expenses for third-party provider components which result from using ‘ALadIn’ have to be paid by the suppliers.

Immediately interruptible loads

Quickly interruptible loads

Documents for the prequalification of interruptible loads can be found here:

Documents for the framework agreement between the interruptible load supplier and the connecting TSO can be found here:

Further information about interuptible loads can be found here:

Further information as well as the relevant contacts can be found on your connecting TSO's website: