Data for control reserve

In the following, we present data concerning the balancing tariffs. The activated secondary control reserve, activated minute reserve and the control area balance are all available for download. Please find the aggregated values for the Grid Control Cooperation beneath the values of the German TSO. For more information, please look into "Explanation".

Data on exchange volumes of the German TSOs via the EU balancing platforms PICASSO and MARI can be found on ENTSOE's transparency platform.

The download is limited to one calendar month.

Regarding the data type "MR", please note: the inserted minute reserve in Austria is added to the German TSO TenneT.

The marking of data when 80% of the contracted control reserve has been activated when displaying control area balance of the GCC is based on operational online values. At the time of publication, it is still uncertain whether a supplement on the imbalance price has to be imposed for the selected 15-minute periods as a result of the balancing group settlement.

Data marked with a * are substitute values. They will be updated with the original values later.

The following direct links for the different data types include the actually daily ordered values of the GCC:



The German TSOs would like to explain the data published in the data centre on the Internet platform in more detail. To this end, we have created a document summarising the essential information. The document can be downloaded under the following link:

Further notes

Please note that the definition of the operational values, published for the control area of TenneT (Germany) for the control area balance, was changed at the time when Denmark West was integrated into the IGCC on 1st October 2011 and again on 1st February 2012.

To begin with, after Denmark West's integration on 1st October 2011, energy procurement (imports) and energy supplies (exports) could not be incorporated into the control area balance (RZ_Saldo) of TenneT (Germany) within the framework of the IGCC exchanges with Denmark. As a result, in these instances the control area balance of TenneT (Tennet_RZ-Saldo) and the GCC balance as well showed an estimate of German balancing group imbalances with a maximum deviation of maximum of +/-90 MW. Since 1st February 2012, this state of affairs has been remedied, following the inclusion of trading values with Denmark West in the operational TenneT control area balance, together with purchases of control reserves.