Confirmation of the date for connection to the MARI platform

The German TSOs inform that the planned date for connection to the MARI platform has been changed to 05.10.2022. This will be the first delivery day of possible mFRR activations by the German TSOs via the MARI platform. The reason for the new connection date are necessary adjustments on IT-systems and processes resulting the introduction of the European market design and the connection to the PICASSO platform.

In the context of this transition, the German TSOs point out that as of the connection to MARI, the BSPs have full responsibility for the correct use of technical linkages. Further information can be found on our Wiki page:

If there are any delays in the provision of the European platform, we will inform you as soon as possible.

Last modified at 09.08.2022

Delay of the reBAP publication

The publication for June 2022, which was to take place on the 20th working day of the following month (28th of July), will be postponed by approximately up to two weeks. Go-live of PICASSO, the target market design as well as the Imbalance Settlement Harmonization Methodology have led to a delayed publication.

We apologize for any inconvenience and are working with highest priority on the delivery and pub-lication of the data. No impact on the balancing group billing is expected.

After the problems have been solved, the data will be published again on time on the 20th working day of the following month.

Last modified at 28.07.2022

FCR-Cooperation: Changes as of September 7, 2022

The TSOs of the FCR cooperation will introduce the following changes as of September 7th, 2022:

Denmark West will be integrated as an independent Load-Frequency Control Area (LFC Area) into the German-Luxembourgish-Danish LFR-Block.
The Gate Opening Time will be shortened from D-14 to D-7 starting for the tender with delivery day September 7, 2022.

More detailed information can be found in the attached communication of the FCR cooperation.

Last modified at 28.07.2022

Migration of data points to

The TSOs hereby point out that from the go-live of PICASSO (planned for June 22, 2022), the publication of some data points on control reserve and the balancing energy price will migrate from (IPRL) to (NTP). The data points to be migrated are mainly the GCC balance, the associated data points based on which the GCC is calculated (aFRR-activation, mFRR-activation, emergency assistance, etc.) and the reBAP. Please note that both operational and quality assured data points will be migrated.

The operational data will be published in parallel on the IPRL and NTP until the beginning of September and afterwards finally no longer available on the IPRL.
The data can be found on the "1. navigation level" of the NTP at Regelenergie (Note: The link is not active yet.)

The migration of the associated historical data from the IPRL to the NTP for autumn/winter 2022 is also being prepared. If this takes place, we will be happy to inform you separately.

If you have any questions, we are available via the contact form at

Last modified at 07.06.2022

New version of the prequalification requirements as of 22.06.2022

The German TSOs would like to inform you that new prequalification requirements for the reservation and activation of control reserves would apply as of 22.6.2022.

The new requirements result from the introduction of the target market design for control reserves (see decision BK6-21-042) and decision BK6-19-069 (Additional properties of FCR).

The main changes result from the following points:
- Introduction of 15-minute product time slices in the control reserve market;
- Reduction of the full activation time for mFRR from 15 minutes to 12.5 minutes;
- Reduction of product time slices in the balancing energy market (RAM) from 4h to 15 minutes;
- Adjustment of backup process in the balancing energy market (RAM);
- Introduction of reserve mode for FCR;

The new prequalification conditions replace the previous conditions and can be found here:

The English version of the new PQ conditions will only be available after 6/22/2022.

Last modified at 02.06.2022

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