Integration of additional balancing power in the scarcity component ("Knappheitskomponente") of reBAP

BNetzA decided to suspend the so called "Freisetzung am Regelarbeitsmarkt" on 31.10.2022 with their decision BK6-22-162. The German TSOs will apply this from delivery day 08.12.2022 on.

The TSOs will furthermore integrate this additional volumes in the so called "scarcity component" and the curve of the "scarcity component" will be shifted accordingly. This will also be applied from 08.12.2022 on.

The implementation has to be realized in two steps by the TSOs:
- First, the additional volumes will be taken into account for the calculation of the "scarcity component" from 08.12.2022 on
- The integration of the additional volumes in the publication processes "NRV-Saldo-Ampel"
and "AEP-Schätzer" will be realized at a later point in time

The adjusted, detailed description of the reBAP calculation can be found here: and

Last modified at 02.12.2022

GoLive of further Web-API endpoints on

The four German transmission system operators would like hereby to inform you that on November 29th on (NTP) further web API endpoints for the section control reserves ( were activated. For more information, see the dedicated Web API page (

If you have any questions, we are available via the contact form at

Last modified at 29.11.2022

ENTSO-E Stakeholder Workshop implementation MARI and PICASSO

The German TSOs would like to refer to the Stakeholder Workshop on the implementation of the European platforms MARI and PICASSO and the fulfilment of the Electricity Balancing Guideline. The European TSOs and ENTSO-E will inform in this framework about the current status of the implementation of MARI and PICASSO as well as the accessions to these plat-forms.

The workshop will take place on 8th December, 2022 as a Webinar.

More information and the possibility for registration can be found here:

Last modified at 23.11.2022

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